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Daily Fiction by Normann Copenhagen

Daily Fiction by Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen and design agency Femmes Régionales have teamed up to launch a new collection of small day-to-day pieces that can be put together in countless ways to create your own stories. With more than 200 exquisite small designs such as notebooks, gift wrapping, stickers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, various writing implements and much, much more, the Daily Fiction Collection will light up your everyday life.

Daily Fiction is like a candy shop for grownups; an enticing assortment of colors, patterns and materials that encourage creativity, play and creating the daily story that suits your personality. With Daily Fiction's 18 colors, mesmerizing terrazzo prints, sporty stripes and the contrasted blend of materials of dry over shiny, high-gloss over matte surfaces and moulded shapes over fabrics, it is up to you to define what suits your story. The classical and sharp colors can be used to create color-blocking and the metals add an eye-catching element.

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